28 March 2012


The verdict is in: I'm going to live!!! Hallelujah!!!

I finally got the MRI & MRA report (brain scan) and I do, in fact, have a brain. I guess the problem is that I'm not using it to my best advantage, lol.

No aneurysm, no tumors, nothing out of the ordinary. That was the last hurdle and now we can go home.

The best we can figure on the headaches is a vicious cycle of tension-pain-high blood pressure-more tension etc, etc, etc! Also, the blood pressure machine I bought was way off accuracy. I took it in to the doctors office and the new one was sooooo wrong I returned it to the store and I'm just going to the doctors office each week till we get home. My b/p is nearly normal and will likely come down the rest of the way when I get home.

After much considering and praying about the best plan for returning to Alaska, we are going to fly to Seattle on April 12. It will take us a couple days to have new tires put on the rig and then we'll start the long drive home. We know the roads will still be icy for much of the AL-CAN but we'll take it slow and easy. If needs be, we can spend a couple days to wait out a storm.

Paul and I appreciate all everyone has done for us. Several people have taken care of our home, cat, mail, driveway (snow) and vehicles. Also we have imposed immensely on his sister and her husband for 3 months by living with them. We hope to be able to repay (or pay it forward) for all our blessings and every one's generosity.

Look out Homer, here we come :-)

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